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Looking for all the benefits a balance board can bring you?

Balance is truly important even to the most basic activities of the daily life, like standing up or walking. By improving it you are not only improving in the sport you love doing, if that’s the case, but you improve your way of life. There are so many fitness, mental and health benefits when you train with a balance board. So, you won’t only train your muscles and balance but also your mind, you concentrate so much while doing it to find your prfect balance that all the non necesary thoughts leave your head creating a great conection between your mind, body and board.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a pro boarder in any way. Lawa is for everyone. Everyone should be counscious about self-balance. If you haven’t ever ridden a balance board, the ease will depend on how developed your balance is, but even if your balance is not great, it will take you around 20 or 30 minutes to be able to stand on it. After this point everything is practice!


Lawa’s production is as friendly with the environment as it could be. We only use ecologic materials, from certified wood to natural paintings and finishes which is not only good for our planet but the contact of your skin with the board, it will be nothing but favorable.

Plus! No industrial process needed, all boards are handmade what makes each one of them unique.

Tree Nation Lawa's partner


Without our planet nothing would be possible, we want to give back what it gives us so we partnered with Tree Nation who will help us plant a tree for every purchase. Our dream is to build a forest and that all of us join forces to contribute to the solution of deforestation.

You can even plant your tree without purchasing a board.


Choose the perfect one for you


Wanpu lawa balance
Wanpu. Lawa Balance Boards

You’ve never tried a Balance Board before? Want a safer feeling? Or maybe just more space to do awesome tricks?
Then the Classic is for you.

Three different designs available.


Wari. Mini Lawa Balance Boards

You like speed, adrenalin and big challenges? Or maybe you’re a pro using the Classic and want to try something else?
Then the Mini Lawa is what you are looking for.

Three different designs available.



Quispi Lawa balance boards
Quispi, Lawa Balance Boards

The Retro is just like the Classic, same messures, same performance. The only difference is its shape, its nose and its beautiful fishie tale. Go check it out!

Three different desings available.