The name Lawa means firewood in Quechwa which is the lenguage of the indigenous people from the Andes and the Amazon, the language of those who first inhabited such rich places culturally and naturally, of those who have a unique connection with Mother Earth, who have always lived in harmony and balance with the environment but unfortunately due to deforestation; their homes, our planet’s lungs, are getting smaller and smaller every time.

Lawa was born from this idea, from the desire to create balance not only in the lives of our clients but also in the environment. As a different and effective way to train anywhere, take it outdoors wherever you go, or at home for those days when it is not possible to go out or even for those dead moments when we need a distraction from our daily activities.

We are a fun brand who seeks to create awareness going back to our origins, looking deep to be able to find our body, mind and soul balance.

PS: All our boards’ names are in Quechwa also, go check out which one goes with you the most!