Frequent questions

Why training with Lawa?

Lawa is a different and fun way to train your body, since the second you hop on it you start engaging muscles you probably didn’t even know you have. This is the best part, without noticing and while you have fun you are training deep muscles, this way you strengthen your core, low back muscles, glutes and legs.

Lawa also gives you corporal awereness which helps you improve your posture, coordination, flexibility, breathing, prevent injuries and since the movements are soft it can also be helpfull for rehab.

What are you waiting for to join?

What’s the difference between training with the Classic and the Mini?

The Mini Lawa is almost 30cm smaller than the Classic, the difference is the range of movement you have. The Mini has less range so you will need more agility and speed, on the Classic it will be easier to pull some tricks. Less range = bigger challenge.

Anyways, with both boards it depends on how trained your balance and agility are. If you have great balance both would be perfect to just improve it and have fun, if you don’t train your balance often you will just need a bit more practice. It is easier than it looks!

And the difference between the Classic and the Retro?

The difference is purely visual, the shape doesn’t make any difference at the moment of riding them. They even have the same messurements.

How much weight can a Lawa handle?

It can handle up to 120kg.