MATERIALS WE USE - balance boards

All our boards are made from Abedul, fine layers of wood glued together for great resistance but still flexible for those who want to do some tricks, like jumping, on them. The wood is carefully chosen from local suppliers. Every piece has a sustainability certificate which shows the trees had been planted and harvest fulfilling principles of environmental and social responsibility.

We chose cork for it’s efficiency. It saves up to 30% more CO2 than other trees, it is harvest every 9 years and processed with little waste, it is the only tree whose bark can be removed whithout harming the tree and those trees that are harvest often, binds even more than 3 times as much CO2 as an unused one. And of course it makes the perfect grip for your board. We love cork!

The paintings and finishes that we use are natural, without any chemical or toxic substance added. We don’t use varnish, we use natural wax which protects the wood from any damage and leaves the board surface with a special softness so the contact with your skin will be nothing but favorable pleasant.