OUR FOREST - balance boards


Sometimes take for granted the “little” details, the essentials, just because it has always been there. But what happens when it stops being there? Then we will realize how important it was.

We owe trees so much, they have been providing our planet for more than 300 million years with essential factors Earth needs for us and million of other species to be able to live here. They clean the air and produce oxigen, they are food source for us humans, animals and other living organisms. They cover us up from the sun at summer, reduce the speed of wind, among many other things.

Trees are clearly on of the solution for climate change and we are not helping, we are not doing enough. Every year we cut 26.1 millions of trees which is 43% of total trees on the world. We are putting our lives in danger and we don’t even notice.

We trully believe in the power of small actions, on team work and the power of giving. We want to spread consiousness and help actively on this issue. That’s why it is not enough for us to be consious about the way we produce our boards and the materials we use. We want to do more, we want to give back to the planet what we took from it, we want to make a difference in your life and people around you.

Our desire is to build a forest with you being the protagonist. We figured the best way to do so was partnering up with a company that has our same way of thinking. So, every time we sell a board, Tree Nation, our realiable partner, is going to plant a tree in your name and you will recieve a certificate showing the details and exact location of the tree.

You can also check on our forest and visit your tree, start building your own forest from this and if you don’t have a tree yet, no worries, you can get one, no need to buy the board, how cool is this? Go to our forest to do it!